WorldCup is the long-distance and long-time AR soccer game that played by people far away from each other geographically.

Collaborative project

Role: UX, UI designer

Teammate: Sophie Yuchang Tang (UX)

Topic: Augmented Reality

Duration:  May - August 2018

Tool used:

Adobe Xd, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Unity


Explore AR technology through making and develop an experimental AR-based concept

Before the final project, I immersed into the tools, Unity and Vuforia, and processes of XR - VR, AR, MR (+ Machine Learning and Computer Vision tools) through hands-on making as research.



Socialization on the internet becomes awkward 

Nowadays, socialization on the internet happens all the time. However, sometimes it fails to bring people close to each other.  Many people find it awkward to send a random message to a

long-distance friend. Gradually, friends don’t communicate anymore.


AR game, as an ice breaker, connects people worldwide with the fun experience and spontaneously generates conversation between people.


How to play the game?

Start a new game

  • Log in

  • Current games

  • Start a new game

  • Choose a space to play

  • Set up a new space

  • Invite friends

  • Match with strangers

  • Game start

  • Coin chooses first kick

Kick the ball

  • View the effect of the item

  • Apply the item

  • Kick the ball to the opposite team

Live ball view

  • Apply the item to the ball

  • View the ball information


  • View item library

  • Add new item randomly


  • Chat with teammates

  • Chat with all player


App Design Overview


AR Poster

Instruct users to play the game

The front of the poster works as a big poster to talk about interactions with the soccer ball through user tests.

The back of the poster can be folded as a booklet to teach users the sequence and rules of the game.

AR view

Viewers stand on the poster to learn about possible interactions with the soccer ball through user tests. Shoes as triggers to show the user test videos.

Viewers fold the poster into the book and open each page to learn the process of playing the game. Space images as triggers to show the process animation.




Information Architecture


Unity & Vuforia Prototype

Discover the possible ways to interact with the virtual ball

Through unity(Vuforia) prototypes, which are working prototypes, I experimented different ways people can interact with the virtual ball. The goal is to find out the most intuitive way for users to play the virtual soccer game.



Block the ball

Apply item to foot


App Prototype Development

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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