Orbit is a system that integrates events, fitness wristbands, and a mobile app to facilitate teenagers to explore LA and be more active.

Collaborative project

Role: UX designer

Graphic Designer: Chufan Huang

Product Designers: Aron Park, Shixun Chen

Topic: System design

Duration: January - April 2019

Tool used:

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote

Project Brief

Collaborate with 4 stakeholders to facilitate physical activities before 2028 LA Olympics

The project is sponsored by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in partnership with Garmin, LA Rec & Park Department, and Discovery Cube. The goal is to facilitate physical activities among LA citizens before 2028 Olympics. I’m currently working on a continuous project as a UX designer in the fellowship team. The project is ongoing and covered by NDA and will be launched as pilot rollout in Winter 2019.


Primary User

We decide to target on teenagers as primary users of orbit system

The target users will expand in the future to kids, young adults, families and eventually all citizens.

Susan Flentie

“Teenagers develop habits that will last a lifetime, an active, healthy lifestyle should start now.”


An explorable, informative and sharing system for teenagers to explore LA physically

The system includes a mobile application, a platform to provide information of activities or events held in LA and the wristband, a fitness tracker. We also designed the new casual event for LA Rec & Park to improve their existing events and programs.

Introducing Products and Features

Orbit App

Orbit App is a platform that allows teenagers to explore events, activities, and programs, share experiences and track fitness status.


Orbit App Interactions and Features

Feed page: browse others’ activities

  • Browse others' activities

  • Comment, like, share others' activities

  • Tap into others' profiles

  • View activity details

Feed page: upload own videos

  • Tap on the add button on the feed page to post video

  • Directly shoot or choose video from album

  • Add filters or effects to the post

  • Write a caption, add hashtags and select the related event and location

Explore page: look for events and register for them

  • Search for specific events

  • Filter by gender, age, price, distance, date

  • View locations, events, and detailed information

  • Register for the event

Activity page: purchase device and connect it to the app

  • Without the device, the activity page is not activated and leads users to the purchase page where users can purchase the device.

  • After receiving the device, it can be connected to the app

Activity page: view fitness tracking data

View data, including active time, steps, floors, traveled distance, etc View activity detail page 

Profile page: add friends and view profile information

Tap on add friend icon
Searches for a user
Follow the user

Orbit Wristband

Orbit Wristband consists of the device that passively tracks daily activities and the themed beads that are collected during events.

“LA Summer Night” Event

We design a new event “LA Summer Night” that provides immersive projection games, integrating LA iconic locations and promoting Olympic sports, and allows teenagers to easily involve with minimum knowledge and preparation.

5 Event Examples



How Orbit System Works with Stakeholders

Events and programs provided by LA Rec & Parks / Discovery Cube

One major partner of our system is LA Rec & Parks. As LA Recreation centers are the main event holders, especially in the early stage, many contents are generated by LA Rec & Parks. As our system develops, we are able to design new events, for example, “LA Summer Night” in our system, for LA Rec & Parks to enrich and improve their existing events or programs. In the future, Discovery Cube can become one event holder and offers more advanced events/activities supported by innovative technology. These activities will attract more people to come, including teen groups, kids, their families.

Existing events held by LA Rec & Parks:


Garmin manufacturers wristbands

Another major parter is Garmin. Garmin is the manufacturer of the wristband in our system. We want to take advantage of Garmin’s technology. In exchange, Garmin earns the profits

Cedars-Sinai receives the user data for research

As the wristband tracks fitness data and syncs with the mobile app, Cedars will receive the user data for research.

Now VS Future Solutions

Now Solution: integrating existing resources
Future Solution: improving existing resources

The existing resources can be used as now solutions to save the budget and time. The existing resources can be used as now solutions to save the budget and time. The future solutions can be added to the existing resources and make improvement to attract teenagers.

Existing events VS immersive casual games

We want to integrate existing events that mostly provided by Rec & Parks. in the future, we can design new events to enrich or improve existing ones.

Existing wristband VS fashionable wristband

We want to utilize existing wristband to track user daily activities and simply apply different colors and patterns. In the future, it becomes more fashionable for teenagers who cares the most about their appearance and identity.

Event holder generated contents VS user generated contents

We want to use contents (event information) generated by event holders (LA Rec & Parks) and in the future, there will be more and more user generated contents including videos, comments, rating.

Rollout Plan

Imagine how orbit system launches and develops in 10 years

Final Presentation



Expert Interview

“Teenagers develop habits that will last a lifetime, an active, healthy lifestyle should start now.”

Susan Flentie

Long-distance Run Coach for Junior High School

Hannah Romias

High School Teacher


Site Observation and Interviews

We should utilize existing resources and expose them to teenagers.

After visiting 3 recreation centers and discovery cube, we found out that a lot of resources such as programs and events held by LA Rec & Parks are already out there but only a small amount of people from the community can regularly reach to the resources. These resources have the opportunity to be exposed to a larger number of people all around LA.

Current events and programs can be improved to attract more visitors.

Many programs like summer basketball program need participants to have some amount of knowledge or practice in order to perform well. In this case, teenagers who are not very interested in or good at physical activities refuse to try activities that seem hard for them to do.

User Interviews


Many physical activities provided by schools and recreation centers are intense and require a certain level of knowledge and skills.


Instead of long-term tech or professional programs, our system provides casual physical activities as a form of event that teens can be easily involved with minimum knowledge or preparation.


Teenagers are strongly influenced by pop culture and the majority of them use social media to share the highlights of their lives.


To utilize the pop culture and sharing behavior to motivate teenagers, we decide to Incorporate trends, including popular events, topics, users into the mobile app and enable teenagers to share their valuable experiences and stand out among their peers and community.


Teenagers want to learn their health and well-being as they start to care about their appearances and performances.


Our system uses the wristband to track their daily activities (fitness) which works with the app that analyzes the data to help teens know more about their bodies.



18 years old
High school senior


  • Try out multiple activities and discover favorite ones.

  • Relax from school work.

  • Know better about her performance and health.

  • Share meaningful moments with others, including friends, family and even strangers.


  • Create precious moments with friends and family.

  • Become popular among peers.

  • Fit in communities.


  • Have little professional knowledge in sports.

  • Have no access to a lot of activities.

  • Exercising at school is too intense.


  • Spend spare time with friends.

  • Relax and avoid physical activities.

  • Make decisions independently.


Understanding User Jounrey

Teenagers usually spend 1 hour hanging out with friends after school. This is when we can catch our users.

Concept Development

We want to explore and design activities that best attract teenagers as well as improves existing resources.

Original Idea

Mobile app and wearable work with outdoor installation with virtual game

System Diagram

Installation Mockup


User Test


Immersive games are interesting to teens, yet, the installation isn’t the best solution.

Teenagers love the immersive casual games.
However, the installation might not be the best solution.
1. Teenagers may come in a party of 4-12. The installation only supports 4 people on one side and 8 people in total. It’s not efficient when a lot of people want to join.
2. Installations with screens cost a lot.
3. Installations in public outdoor space are not safe. It’s hard to transport installations.

Final Concept

Indoor projection game with orbit mobile application platform and wristband

In order to reduce the cost, we want to use existing space, such as rooms in recreation centers, and apply more affordable and portable devices which are projectors and kinect.

Mobile Application Wireframing


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