DiDi Event

DiDi Event is a transportation service that offers participants who attend large events a platform to connect each other and an efficient commute option.

Collaborative project

Role: UX, UI designer

UX Designer: Sophie Yuchang Tang

Transportation Designers:

Tim Song, Andres Felipe Alvarez Barbosa

Topic: 2030 shared mobility, system design

Duration:  September - December 2018

Tool used:

Sketch, Principle, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Project Brief

Envision 2030 shared mobility, sponsored by DiDi Chuxing


The project was sponsored by DiDi Chuxing, a ride sharing platform based in China, and aimed to envision 2030 shared mobility with the level-5 autonomous vehicle.



Improve experience of attending events through a transportation system

With the development of the transportation, more and more people travel to a new city to attend large events such as concerts, sports matches, fan meetings, etc. Without a system supporting, these participants need to manage their itineraries, transportation, tickets by themselves, causing inefficiency and incidents for not only themselves but also the event and other participants. 


Fan Meetings

Sports Matches


What is DiDi Event?

Commute efficiency and participant connection

DiDi Event aims to provide people who attend large events with a more engaging and efficient experience by connecting participants online and offline and offering public transportation to commute.

Virtual pick-up stations

Matching Riders

Digital platform

Better traffic flow

6 seat microbus


How DiDi Event Works?

Take 2030 World Cup in South America as the scenario

To bring a scenario to the system, we believe the 2030 World Cup in South America would be a good example. With the large worldwide event, we assume it’s very likely that governments will invest in the infrastructure. Since DiDi has entered South America, it’s easier to envision their service in 2030. Also, through partnering with FIFA, DiDi can promote the platform globally.


Use Case 1

Share rides with participants, make the commute more efficient

Take the DiDi microbus

The 6-seat microbus allows more riders taking the vehicle at the same time, reducing vehicles on the road.

The system groups riders, who will potentially become friends, on the same vehicle. 

The app notifies the riders to walk to the pick-up station in advance to make sure the vehicle doesn’t have to wait.

Riders can check other riders' locations to look for them.

AR view and virtual station

The AR view will be automatically turned on to help users locate the station and line as they walk closer to the station.

The locations of other riders are indicated.

Use Case 2

Check in to the event 

Get in line through the app and have fun while you wait

The app allows users to get in line through the app and check in the event later in person.


During the waiting time, the app suggests a few activities for the users to explore and navigates them to those activities.

Get notified to check in when doing other activities

The app notifies users to walk to the entrance in advance when it’s about users’ turns.

Use Case 3

Engage with the community all the time

Meet friends online

The app suggests friends who have similar interests and might meet each other on the vehicle.

Meet friends during the event

The app allows users to quickly add friends by taking a selfie. The app recognizes people in the selfie and allows users to add multiple people at the same time.

Hang out with friends after the event 

The app allows users to make message groups, discuss places to hang out, make an agreement on one place and order a vehicle separately to get to the destination.

Better Socialization

Matching participants to become riders

Participants know about each other

Match making

Participants, who have a chance to meet at the event, can know each other on the new socializing platform in advance and the system groups participants with similar interests on the vehicle, which is a 6-seat microbus, to meet each other.

Riders meet each other

Potential long-term friendships in real life

The system suggests participants who have similar interests to become friends. Online friends are highly likely to meet each other in real life. Later, the system allows friends to easily hang out with each other even after the event ends.


Commute Efficiency

6 seat microbus

Having a microbus shared by riders, there will be much fewer vehicles on the road.

Pick-up station distribution

The pick-up stations are built based on local population distribution in order to better manage participants who want to take the vehicle.

Road and traffic simulation

With DiDi system operating all the vehicles, the system can well manage the traffic through the user data and road simulations.

Customization of the System for Different Events

Navigation and station distribution

The stations should be distributed based on the local population distribution. With more people potentially using the system, more stations should be built in the district. 

Visual Design

The look and feel should be redesigned based on different events to show atmosphere that fits the event and the local environment. The logo, color palette, patterns, illustrations and images should be flexible to change and reprogram.

More stations in the hotel area and around the stadium

Benefits from System

DiDi becoming authoritative event commuter, offering transportation

Benefits for Stakeholder

Be promoted by event and earn more users

By collaborating with events, DiDi will be promoted by events and recommended to users. DiDi will earn more users.

Benefits for Local and Users

Reduce traffic congestion and increase efficiency

With DiDi system operates all of the vehicles, the system can well manage the traffic through the big data and road simulations.


DiDi recommending local activities

Benefits for Stakeholder

Potential revenue from Ads and promotions

DiDi earns revenue from being sponsored by local companies such as restaurants, attractions, etc.

Benefits for Local and Users

More visitors and reviews and better suggestions

System helps users make better decisions. In the meantime, local places have more visitors and reviews.

Connecting participants

Benefits for Stakeholder

Collect social data from users

With worldwide users coming to the event and using the system, DiDi can collect social data from users.

Benefits for Local and Users

More engaging experience

The system helps users find and fit in their communities, especially allowing single participants to travel and attend events individually without feeling lonely.

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