Airplan is a system to help passengers at the airport explore activities to do and plan their waiting time.

Individual project

Role: UX, UI designer

Topic: Multi-device ecosystem design

Duration: May - August 2017 (refined in 2018)

Tool used:

Sketch, Principle, Adobe Illustrator


  • With a long transfer time, passengers have a hard time spending waiting time at the airport without planning.

  • Emergencies, such as delays, cause extra waiting time.

  • At unfamiliar airports, it’s time-consuming for passengers to explore the airport and find out what to do.

Passengers at the airport have long and boring waiting time



Website, Mobile App, Kiosk

The system includes the website for planning the trip ahead, the mobile app for planning and following the plan at the airport, and the kiosk for promoting the digital products at the airport.


Mobile App Features and Microinteractions

Add Trips

  • Add trips by entering flight information

  • The system generates the waiting time.

  • Switch between different trips (flights) to further plan for the waiting time.

  • Filter the activities by categories

  • Filter the activities by location

  • Check detailed information

  • Add activities to plan

  • Search for activities

  • Map view

Explore the Airport

Edit Plan

  • Hold to enter edit mode

  • Drag the activities to rearrange them

  • Tap on the activity to edit the time duration

  • Swipe the activity left to delete it

Follow Plan

  • The timeline moves as time passes.

  • The finished activities become grey.

  • Notify the user when it's time for the next activity




Competitive Landscape & Opportunity

Our competitors either focus on simple airport guide for one specific airport or focus on helping users make plans and reminders. The opportunity appears where the design can reach both plan and guide.

Combining plan and guide




User Scenario

Users are able to discover Airplan, explore and plan both at the airport and outside the airport.





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Prototypes & User Tests




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